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NC Skywarn Programs

The NC Skywarn group is dedicated to the safety of the citizens of North Carolina by providing up to date weather information, alerts, educational materials and the equipment needed by certified spotters in the field to accurately report severe weather events to the National Weather Service (NWS). Funding to support this effort comes from donations to help pay for print materials, website hosting and amateur radio equipment distributed to spotters throughout North Carolina. There is two ways that you can help support the NC Skywarn Group in our mission; the first is a monetary donation, which can be accepted by clicking on the “Donate” button found throughout the website or donations of amateur radio equipment that can be passed on to spotters that have a valid FCC license. Below you will find information on the programs that our group offers and the details of how to apply for funding, equipment or supplies with our group.

In order to qualify for the Equipment or Training Programs you must complete our online application. Our team will review your application and the information you provided will be verified; then we will email you a response to the request within 3 business days.

Applications are accepted in the order in which they are received and are subject to funds, equipment and supplies availability. If the aforementioned is not available at the time of your submission you will be placed on a waiting list and notified when they become available, your priority on the list will be based on the order in which your application was received.

Once the NC Skywarn Group begins to receive equipment, supplies and monetary donations we will post the dollar amount available on the website in the fund and a list of equipment and supplies that have been donated for distribution.

Equipment Program:

The equipment program provides equipment such as 2 meter/440 radios for spotters that do not have their own equipment, antenna’s for spotters who have a need for one or have had theirs damaged due to a severe weather event as well as specialized weather monitoring equipment such as anemometers and rain gauges. This program is subject to funds available through the resources outlined above.

Training Programs:

We are working to partner with an online training/school organization to offer online courses centralized around specialized weather training. This program will provide assistance to tuition for qualified individuals. Once a partnership can be established the qualifications for this program will be posted here. Be sure to return to this page for updated information and a status on this partnership.

Equipment Donations Needed! (Posted on Oct. 15th, 2017)

We need your help to provide usable equipment to other spotters in the field across North Carolina. The program currently does not have equipment available to provide those who send requests in. If you have usable HAM radio equipment and would like to donate it to the other spotters in North Carolina please contact us at with a description of the equipment and your contact information. Thank you in advance for your support of the program.

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