Disaster Preparedness

Disaster can strike at anytime, with that in mind you must be prepared at all times for a variety of disaster situations.

Planning for a disaster is critical, long in advance of the disaster striking, the better prepared you are the better your response to you and your families immediate needs.

Geographic locations are affected by common disasters such as hurricanes near the coast and tornados near the Midwest. Other disasters have no geographic commonality such as fires, floods and severe thunderstorms. Be sure to prepare for those natural disasters that are common in your geographical locations and have supplies and a plan for those that are less common.

Below are useful links for sites that will help you create your plan, organize your supplies and help you locate local resources in the event of a disaster.

Resource Link
FEMA - Prepare & Plan Website
Are you Ready? Website
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Website
Civil Air Patrol Website
NOAA - Hurricane Preparedness Website
NOAA - Storm Surge Preparedness Website
American Red Cross - Prepare Website
CDC - Emergency Preparedness and Response Website
ASPCA - Disaster Preparedness Website
National Center for Disaster Preparedness Website
SBA - Preparedness (For Business) Website
ReadyNC - Disaster Preparedness Website
Dept. of Homeland Security - "Prepare my Family" Website
Business Continuity Plan PDF Download
Red Cross - Train Your Employees Website
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Website
CDC - Food and Water Needs: Preparing for a Disaster Emergency Website
CDC - Types of Disasters and Weather Emergencies Website
MetLife - Prepare for Natural Hazards Website
Preparation for Wind Hazards and Hurricanes Website


Being prepared alone isn't always enough, be sure to get involved in training and educational programs that are available in your area. These courses will improve your ability to respond to a disaster and enable you to assist others within your community.

Survival Equipment

Outdoor Clothing

Selecting the right clothing for the right environment is vitally important. Here are some links to clothing designed for outdoor survival, in any environment.