Directed NET Script

Current Time is:

To start the NET:

Attention all stations, this is [CALLSIGN], NET Controller for [Your SKYWARN Location], This is a directed NET for the purpose of a severe weather event. Until the NET is formally closed it will remain active for spotter and emergency traffic only.

The National Weather Service, [YOUR LOCAL NWS OFFICE] has issued a severe weather watch/warning for the covered area.

NET Controller: Describe the severe weather event as defined by the NWS Alert System (Click Here) for a link to the NWS Alert System.

When checking into this NET, please provide your callsign and location followed by your mobile or stationary status. Only your direct observations of reportable weather should be reported, no third part information will be accepted.

All stations may use the tactical callsign [SKYWARN] followed by your callsign when calling NET Control.

If you must leave the NET for any reason, please notify NET Control. Consider your safety at all times.

I will now take check-ins and reports.

During the NET:

NET Controller: Record callsigns, locations, reports and any other pertinent information.

Closing the NET:

The [Your SKYWARN Location] directed NET is now being lowered to a STAND-BY status. All stations may now use the repeater for normal amateur use. Please pause between transmissions for SKYWARN and or emergency traffic.

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