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The NC Skywarn website was developed for use by certified Skywarn Spotters in the field requiring quick access to tools, alerts and mapping on mobile devices. The tools on this site are specifically organized to compliment the physical reporting of local severe weather events. By a Spotter using these tools they can maintain their own safety in the field by forecast models that are provided by the National Weather Service and other reputable weather utilities. NC Skywarn and associated members are an independent group of certified spotters with the same vision to deliver quality services and tools, there is no direct link to the NWS Skywarn office.

This site is a collaborative effort by several weather professionals, trained spotters and weather enthusiasts and is continually refined to ensure the latest tools are available. If you have suggestions or comments about the site, the tools or general weather questions please feel free to reach out to the team by selecting one of the contact options at the bottom of the page. The best way to reach us is via email and your question can be directed to the appropriate team member.

If this is your first time as a spotter or you wish to become a certified Skywarn Spotter there are many options for you to choose from. Check with your local Skywarn organization by locating them on the Directory page and inquire about in-person classes available or go to MetEd and take the online study course which only takes about two hours to complete.

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